Re-LEAF the Compilation Album

Its finally here, the first volume Re-Leaf! This collaboration unites some of the most inspirational and diverse artists from the experimental electronic scene, and beyond, for an equally inspirational cause. Join David Starfire, Trevor Hall, Layzie Bone, Edamame, Sidecar Tommy, Dub FX, Clozee, Tubby Love and many others as they donate their considerable talent’s to the Re-Leaf Restitution Council for Cannabis Prisoners which will support the legal defenses of good people who’ve been locked in cages because they liked a plant. The proceeds of Re-Leaf will also help fund the research and development of records made from hemp resin! Because poly-carbonates are swag, but sustainable compassionate passion is kind AF.

This album is an impossibility, an audible singularity of art and culture. It’s hard to conceive this many amazing musicians from various regions and genres on the same project, and even more dreamlike for it to be for an awesome cause (two awesome in fact)! So how did this wondrous artifact come to be? Simple, in the emerging paradigm everything is more magical then you can possibly imagine! So pop this on, eat a gummy and space out for social justice!

This intoxicating compilation with fresh joints from all ya faves can be yours with a minimum donation of $11.11. But if your ballin, by all means go head and give more. Happy 420!

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  1. ThunderBeat “Into the Portal”
  2. Dub FX “Fire Everyday” (David Starfire Remix)
  3. Jah Kings “Family”
  4. Sierra Marin “Love is the Medicine”
  5. Truth Now (ft. Seva) “War Is Over”  Produced By Duke Mushroom
  6. Edamame “Spoke the Monolith”
  7.  I,Star “Song of Freedom”
  8. Tubby Love and Amber Lily (ft. Trevor Hall) “Chant Up Zion”
  9. Drishti Beats “Journey” (Clozee Remix)
  10. Supaman “Why”
  11. Katsuk “For You”
  12.  Dub FX “So Are You”
  13.  Sidecar Tommy “Eclipsed”
  14. Tangled Roots (ft. Tubby Love and Amber Lily) “Freedom”
  15.  Thin C (ft. Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony and Cool Clyde) “Everyday 420”
  16.  Seasunz “Lady Justice”
  17. Set in Sand “Thingesque” (Other Portals Remix)
  18.  Chances R Good “Elder Brothers”
  19. The Heartifact “Your Side”
  20.  AhluxAh “Stardune Overture”
  21.  Truth Now “Plan Of Attack”
  22.  Koloto “IOA” (Handbook Remix)
  23.  Carl John “Bald Eagle Rising”
  24.  Knowa Knowone “We Create Fire” (ft Dove)
  25.  Zin Uru “Freedom”