4:20 The Re:Leaf Compilation

Wooohooo! Check out this collaboration with the great peeps over at SensiMedia and LightScribe. These guys are your go-to source for getting the download on whats up in cannabis culture.

They’re partnering with us on a 420 compilation, with the proceeds going to the legal defenses of good people who are locked in cages because they liked a plant. Oh, and the future vinyl release will be made out of hemp resin, which is cool and groovy and good.

In addition to ABR fam – Set In Sand, Edamame, Koloto, Handbook and Other Portals, this intoxicating comp has joints from Tubby Love, Katsun, DubFX, David Starfire, Trevor Hall, and CloZee.

Pop this on, eat a gummy and space out for social justice!

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