ABR018 | Origamibiro – Shakkei

  • ABR018 – Origamibiro – Shakkei CD
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  • Origamibiro’s new album Shakkei is a rather amazing piece of musical work. The albums 9 songs sound like they were played by a small orchestra, but they were made by 2-3 sometimes 1 person playing nearly every instrument. Shakkei is like the score to the movie you’re waiting to come out, but hasn’t been conceptualized yet.

    The album will be released on Oct 11. For the time being we’d like to share some of it with you in the form of a free single of the song Quad Time, accompanied by a few remixes from Leafcutter John, Juxtaphona, Soil And Water and Low In The Sky. We’re happy to share it with you all, with the help of our friends at Denizen Records UK.


    Origamibiro’s – Quad Time – By The Joy Of Box

    Quad Time from The Joy of Box

    The Joy Of Box