Ekoda Map

Ekoda Map

Ekoda Map is the musical fumbles of British blooded, American born, French nurtured Tom Bardwell. In the same sense that being shipped around the world can leave an individual with a hazy take on the world ‘home’, Ekoda Map’s sound is hard to define yet is somehow made uniform by a palate of sounds that allow him to glaze each track with his own distinctive veneer. Loosely influenced by a blend of electronica, post/math rock and hip hop, the sound draws encouragement from organic and synthetic elements in equal measure; a sonorous and playful realm where finding harps melded with chunky synthesizers or other such polarised combinations is not uncommon.

Ekoda Map released the Pastels single earlier this year on Abandon Building Records, with an EP, Fathers & Sons, set for the very near future. He’s lent his mellifluously butchered remixing efforts to the likes of Koloto, Boo Forever, Escaping Animals, Natalie Evans and Thompost.

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contact: contact@abandonbuilding.com