Heralding from pastoral Canterbury, Kent, Koloto is the pseudonym of Maria Sullivan, electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Koloto released her four debut tracks in January 2013 and within months generated serious interest, with multiple plays on BBC Radio 1, France inter, FBI Sydney and ABC National.

Koloto’s sound infuses elements of World Music, Electronica, Post Rock, Hip Hop and Musique concrète. Drawing influences from artists such as edIT, Squarepusher, Four Tet, Baths and Amon Tobin.

Koloto’s music is a refreshing take on the over-saturated electronica genre, especially as similarity and adherence to passing fads seems to have become the modus operandi. Koloto shuns sample libraries in favour of home made, hand crafted sounds, resulting in a unique pallet of instrumentation that is often hard to define. Editing plays a key role in the compositional process, as tiny fragments of sound are intricately interwoven to create complex melodic and rhythmical passages that are both playful and emotive.

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