Set In Sand

Set In Sand

Emotional and rambunctious organic electronic music combining elements from all sources of sound and style into a hybridization of likeable sound collage and dreamy noisy sound-scape. From album to album the mood and purpose of the music changes. For example, Mid Summer At The Winters (Abandon Building 2009) is composed from a 24 hour field recording on a farm outside, with saw blades and vacuum tubes creating the percussion, and spontaneous guitars creating the rhythm and melody. While RETURN (Symbolic Interaction 2010) is mostly instrumental Hip Hop / Break Beat / IDM written around a sample from a music box being picked apart.

One of the recent Set In Sand albums, YO DRIZZONE! (Bad Panda Records 2013) are songs created around a sample from inside of a swarm of bees. The beats are a marching band, and the tones are cello and xylophone, all the while Bees are singing along in harmony and sometimes creating the melody.

Set In Sand’s music has been released by Hue Records, Symbolic Interaction, Abandon Building, Bad Panda Records, Drift Records, Project Mooncircle among others.




Set In Sand – YO DRIZZONE! from abandon building on Vimeo.