Shinamo Moki

Shinamo Moki

Shinamo Moki are a British band based in London. The band consists of producer Auryn Tate Waring, Artist and guitarist Felix Treadwell & Bass guitarist Sasha Vergolini who joined in 2013. Auryn and Felix originate from the south coast of England, and met at art school in Brighton in 2011. With shared interests that not only included electronic music but a passion for 90’s Anime, Japanese contemporary art, nature & videogames, they formed a natural partnership and started working on music as Shinamo Moki.

Their first release, the For You EP quickly established a style that includes elements of glitch-hop, chill-wave, ambient, and folktronica to create a sound that does not neatly fit in any predefined electronic genre.

Their Go With Me (Single) was released in the spring of 2014 on Abandon Building and showed tremendous growth in their sound and production technique. Their Mush debut, You Couldn’t Be More Distant EP, showcased instrumentally complexity and now with the next release 30 Nights EP (written and produced within a 30 day time frame) and a series of upcoming remixes, Shinamo Moki are quickly defining their own path through the underground electronic landscape.

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Shinamo Moki – Go With Me (Official) from Razor Sharp Photographic on Vimeo.