The Music continues at ACrawlsPace…

  • ACS011 – Set In Sand – Spring In A Canyon
  • July 2014

    a collection of spontaneous guitars and white water drown out, all recorded in the poudre and rist canyons 2010/2011

  • ACS010 Shinamo Moki – Go With Me Single
  • June 2014

    Shinamo Moki’s first release with AcRawlsPace, 3 originals and 3 remixes from O Pato, My Panda Shall Fly and BB YU.

  • ACS009 Wolke – All The Pictures Will Be Gone
  • (June 2014)

    Fabrizio Cacciamali’s Wolke debut. A very gentle sounding scape of rhythms and sounds, sounds that will tweak areas of the audible spectrum rarely touched.

  • ACS008 – Set In Sand – Apocope EP

    Set In Sand returns with a 5 song EP of liquid-stringy sound-scapes, and punchy cello tones.

  • ACS007 – Alfred Brown – The Seagull: A Song Cycle (12/01/12)

    Known for his previous works on Asthmatic Kitty of droning strings and ambient warmth, Alfred Brown treats us to an album of the sound he’s best known for. Like an avalanche in slow motion, entering a glacial field, and melting. The Seagull, let it help you fly.

  • ACS006 – Naught – Last Animal Standing (November 20th)

    Electric Pianist Eric Scott’s debut album under the moniker ‘Naught.’ An awesome journey through genre metamorphing electronic beatwork, sometimes IDMish, complimented with melodic and dissonant pianos and synths. Excellent experimentation in sound.

  • ACS005 – Set In Sand – A Family Of Knots

    SIS’s 6 originals alongside 6 remixes from Phylum Sinter, Crillix, Joe Minadeo, Pawn, Umin and Juxta~phona, recorded in 2009.

  • ACS004 VA – 4th Nature Compilation (Spring 2014)

    artists were asked to create a track that described nature. awesome tracks from lots of amazing artists, more to come soon…

  • ACS003 Origamibiro – Quad Time EP + Remixes

  • ACS002 Set In Sand – REST (Remembering Everything Seams Together)

    available in CDR format in a handmade canvas package with random colorful stitches, this 5 song collection is a little different even for SIS. it’s kinda random melodic chunks arranged into rhythms, with minimal drum beats, but kinda ambient, kinda whatever sound collage…

  • ACS001 – A Monster Hatches An Egg – Compilation (FREE 111 minute compilation)

    think it’s like 37 tracks, from artists from all over the world, all narrated by field recordings from ‘Grynden’… 111 minutes of music in all, complete with digital artwork. The type of thing where one un(disc)overs new pathways, and strings. You’ll hear…