ACS007 | Alfred Brown – The Seagull – A Song Cycle

ACS007:Alfred Brown – The Seagull – A Song Cycle MP3

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Alfred Brown, inventor of sounds, has a way with neo classical drone-ish composition. Sometimes i wonder if he has a giant mile long bow, being pulled across different pieces of sheet metal and oil drums. While this can be pleasant and painful, it’s mostly interesting, and will surely rub you in ways you shan’t be otherwise, turning the hairs on your head and limbs into micro antennas which can better receive Alfred’s signal. He has numerous collections of sound, already available, some from Asthmatic Kitty, and has collaborated with several artist’s including Shara Worden’s My Brightest Diamond. Al’s the Seagull: A Song Cycle, will be out by way of MP3, come December.

A Closer Listen

Alfred Brown by _abandonbuilding