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While we were away friends in the collective dream field called earth have been making some amazing
music, and we are super psyched to share it with ya.

Edamame – Virga EP
Edamame’s first release of the year is a …

Where Have You Been?

Strange gesticulations and arcane finger wags plus ritualized breath exercises and…. POP! OK, reality
jump successful. Sorry we’ve been away for a while, Abandon Building has been on holiday in another
dimension, working on TV shows and experimental devices that …

Nightlights Out Now

Sometimes the best memories from summers aren’t necessarily the crazy parties and bonfires, but the late-night comedown. Those starlit moments where gentle music guides our conversations and meditations into exciting new places that they may not travel to in the …

The Free Horizon – Truality

From indie label Abandon Building comes the debut single of the new band The Free Horizon, “Truality” . Fronted by producer Set in Sand and featuring an open membership of guest vocalist, The Free Horizon looks to be a frontier …

The Q-Bit Collection Available Now

The Q-Bit Collection the soundtrack to Q-Bit Revolution from 111 Games. The game is an endlessly delightful arcade hopper that asks the player to avoid obstacles and find hidden treasures, and Set in Sand provides the perfect labyrinth of colorful …