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A stunning second album from the Ohio trio, LITS takes
the best movements from jam sessions and digitally alters them into…

Low In The Sky - We Are All Counting On You, William CD

Another road trip through the outback of underground
music, showcasing artist who don’t conveniently fit
into a genre.

 - V/A - Assemblage Sessions 2 CD

The first in a series of comp’s that bring artists one
wouldn’t ordinarily associate with each other together
on a cd.
into a genre.

- ABR's Assemblage Session 1 CD

The very first Abandon Building record! This 12 inch piece of vinyl features 4 instrumental songs from Smaze (Conrad Newholmes, Beneath Autumn Sky).

- Sheveks Masada - Hip Hop for Dishwashers, Scumballs, Upstarts 12

June 11 2013

- Pick A Piper - Pick A Piper

October 11 2011

- Origami Biro - Shakkei CD

OUT NOW! – download the song Quill

- Umin - Umbr CD

download the song   White Chapel from the album…

- Melodium - Coloribus CD

A new Set in Sand full length co released

 - Set In Sand - RETURN CD

The debut of Lendin Hope’s one man armada of sound.

- Set In Sand - Nothing Against The Ocean CD

The debut of producer Ryan Breen, a treasure trove
of disjointed pop anthems with chopped up vocals
vs. audio samples.

 - Back Ted N Ted - Pop Animal CD

A full length which examines the same terrain as
Mine is May, with greater focus.

- DoF - Sun, Strength, and Shield CD

A truly lovely eight song ep from Brian Hulick.

 - DoF - Mine is May - CD

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