Nightlights Out Now

Night Lights Edamame

Sometimes the best memories from summers aren’t necessarily the crazy parties and bonfires, but the late-night comedown. Those starlit moments where gentle music guides our conversations and meditations into exciting new places that they may not travel to in the light of day. Edamame’s new 8 song EP from Nightlignts provides the perfect soundtrack for these nocturnal journeys, continuing Edamame’s delightful habit of mixing hypnotic beat work with his own take on world music.

Edamame fans will find Nightlights to be a delicious addition to the buffet of audible bliss Ed has set for them over the years. They should also keep their ears peeled for a pair of super dope remixes from Escaping Animals and Koloto, which will drop in the next few. Make sure your summer vibe stays wavy by filling it with empowering sonic vibrations.