Pick A Piper – All Her Colours

Pick A Piper – All Her Colours

Seems like once in a blue moon we get to hear something that moves us in ways we haven’t felt yet, but are similar to things we’ve enjoyed throughout our listening journey. For me, Dana Buoy’s Summer Bodies, comes to mind, or like that first time you heard DoF, Tortoise, Manitoba, The Books, Matmos, Yeasayer, or anyone else defining what sound can be. Pick A Piper’s self-titled debut album arrives via Mint Records April 2nd, and just happens to be that next sound we’ve been waiting for. Produced by Caribou drummer and neofuture rhythmical superhero, Mr Brad Weber, the album shares a lot more than just “rhythm.” Featuring vocal’s by Enon’s John Schmersal, All Her Colours, the 2nd single emerges alongside this Colourful video, see for yourself!

Pick a Piper – All Her Colours (feat John Schmersal) from abandon building on Vimeo.

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and scope out their other material on bandcamp and soundcloud. there’s a free EP from 2009, which is also amazing.
Pick A Piper Bandcamp
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