Where Have You Been?

Strange gesticulations and arcane finger wags plus ritualized breath exercises and…. POP! OK, reality
jump successful. Sorry we’ve been away for a while, Abandon Building has been on holiday in another
dimension, working on TV shows and experimental devices that heal the body and soul with sound and
vibration. We are in negotiation with great spirit to bring these two timelines into convergence. We’ll fill
ya in on the details as they spontaneously emerge from the ether.

As if this wasn’t enough we also have new music on deck from Koloto, Edamame, Escaping Animals, Set
in Sand, Sublog, Other Portals and The Free Horizon. OH! almost forgot to mention the re-release a
bunch of DoF classics to celebrate the 15 years since his ABR debut “Mine Is May”, plus the first new
DoF music in eight years. And we’re not kidding around about the TV shows and experimental medical
devices. So keep your eyes ears and hearts turned in all one directions cause these next moves are going
to be fun!